It’s mine. I made it. The only one who should have it is me.”


The wizard of threads and needles has journeyed to the Oak in pursuit of a stolen spell. Will they be able to reclaim what was taken from them?  

The Companion

“W-well you see, I’m m-m-more of a companion…”

Molded by Luc’s sewing magic, this skittish cloth-scrap companion appears ready to aid the young wizard on the perilous journey that awaits the pair.


“Hi, em, you don’t know me, but I’m here to help you.” 


The kindly and good-natured Owl-child has joined Luc on their quest up the Oak for reasons that are her own; the mysterious tome she carries will no doubt have its uses. 


“People call me Fortune, although that’s not my name.”


This laid-back wizard seems to have taken a keen interest in Luc; what could this rooster-turned-soothsayer have seen in the stars?


The Blue Wizard

“Your determination is admirable, but foolish.”


The wood-carving master of Clockberg idles his days away creating his little town, but his stubbornness will no doubt draw the ire of Luc, should they ever cross paths. 

The Masked Magician

“One that wears a mask.”

“A mask? Why on earth would you want to seek him?” 

“He…stole something from me.”