The Comic

In a place far from time, on an island of great trees, sits an Oak of extraordinary size. Its branches spiral up, piercing the cloud-wrapped heavens, while its gnarled roots penetrate the earth and soil deep below. This immense tree is the source of all magic in the world and home to hundreds, no thousands, of strange, little wizards.

Druidoak is an ongoing webcomic that tells the fantastical tale of a young wizard – Luc, who embarks on a quest to climb a giant, mystical tree in pursuit of a stolen spell.

A word from the Creators...

Thom Durham

Every once in a while i crawl out of my goblin hole and scribble down words about this magical tree. I am fine with this.

Sandy MacDonald

When I’m not drawing big trees and silly wizards, I spend my time soaking in the beauty of the world through nature walks and trips to museums, all in the pursuit of enlightenment (lie).